Our laboratory provides a complimentary shade taking service for all ceramics cases, particularly anterior cases.  This in-house shade taking procedure is vital in creating a highly aesthetic result, whilst having the opportunity to converse with the patient regarding specific design features and shades.  This interaction not only helps us to achieve the desired outcome, but it also gives the patient an opportunity to provide input and be reassured that the product is locally made using quality products in a best-in-class facility with exceptionally skilled technicians. Our business will complement yours.

Please provide the contact number of the patient on the lab card so that we can contact them.  Alternatively, the patient can contact our laboratory directly to arrange a mutually convenient time.

For all shades taken by dentists in the surgery, please write full details on the laboratory card and enclose with impressions.  All e.max® crowns require a stump shade to be taken. 

Photos are always highly recommended, and can be emailed to us at hadedental@gmail.com.