We offer a wide variety of materials and designs for your crown and bridge cases. We understand that your needs vary based on the patient’s aesthetic concerns and clinical concerns for longevity and coordination with the overall treatment plan.

Our products are of exceptional quality and our laboratory uses Ivoclar Vivadent Ceramics and Alloys exclusively.


Porcelain Fused to Metal or “PFM” restorations are always a reliable and highly aesthetic choice. PFM’s provide a precise fit while addressing the need for long-lasting durability. Our team designs each case to fully take advantage of the material’s technical capabilities, while the use of porcelain powders recreates the beauty of nature through highly skilled artistry.

We use only superior quality porcelains for all of our PFM range, such as IPS Inline® and IPS Style® Ceram, exclusively from Ivoclar Vivadent.  


IPS e.max® Press (pressed lithium disilicate) is an extraordinary, metal-free alternative to PFMs. IPS e.max® Press provides world-class aesthetics and outstanding marginal accuracy.  We believe e.max® pressable ingots by Ivoclar provide the single most aesthetic and versatile result on the market.    It is our number one choice for anterior restorations for the most aesthetically demanding dentists and patients. 

Our all ceramic line also includes veneers. Our porcelain veneers are precision crafted to provide the perfect look specifically for your patient, while preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Inlays, onlays, cantilever, and maryland bridges can also be fabricated in all ceramic material to ensure maintaining natural tooth structure as well.

IPS e.max® Ingots range in various levels of opacity and translucency, meaning the system offers a solution for all situations.

We offer full monolithic translucent zirconia crowns upon request.  


Full cast restorations are still the standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns. They are incredibly biocompatible and kind to opposing dentition. We offer the following options:

  • Yellow Gold High-Noble
  • Gold Inlay
  • Gold Onlay
  • Post & Core
  • Opaqued Post & Core
  • Split Posts
  • Precision Attachment